Aidan Rogers is an author, blogger, speaker, and artist from central Indiana where she is a member of Turning Point Church.  Aidan has served her congregation in many capacities and currently serves as a member of the Worship Arts ministry team, coordinator of the women's ministry monthly newsletter, and Communion devotional speaker. She holds a Master of Divinity from Lincoln Christian Seminary, with an emphasis in pastoral care & counseling.

Aidan is a writer who doesn't believe in answers; she believes in asking the truest questions.  She never set out to be an expert on anything or the kind of author who wants to help you fix your life in six steps.  Life does not work that way.  Instead, she works to be authentic while honoring the beautiful gifts God has blessed her with.  She wants to invite others on the journey of asking the hard questions and finding the Answer from the only One with the authority to say so - that is God.  And she warns, when you find Him, He's probably eating an apple.

In her free time, Aidan enjoys worship, riding her retro bicycle, working with her hands, fixing things around the house, playing the piano (or a number of other instruments), and dancing.  She also enjoys spending time with her two dogs - Mia and Sister Mary Thunder - two nieces, and two nephews.

Aidan is available for booking.  You can contact her directly at Aidan@Aidanis.com.