Friday, February 17, 2012


I'm very fond of the simple things in life. A nice doodle, a beautiful afternoon, puppies playing, the way the wind blows through the chimes. Call me nostalgic, but I have always been this way. I find that living simply gets me more excited about life in general.

Because I'm not always waiting on the greatest thing to come along; I am savoring everything. Like this morning. It's trash day, which means all my trash was sitting out at the curb when the sun rose. (As a side note, I like it when trash disappears. Life just feels lighter. But for those of you keeping score, the recycling bin was overflowing. Save the planet!) I happened to be walking by the air purifier in the dining room, looking around to see what I needed to do before my niece and nephew get here for the weekend. And I just happened to notice the filter light flashing. I changed the filter and hauled the old, dust-covered, months-old used one right out to the curb, where the magical garbage truck took it away. If I hadn't noticed...or had waited an hour longer...I'd have had to deal with that dust for another week. But this small incidence of perfect timing made me exceedingly happy and energized me.

And then there's this: I got some birthday money this week. It's the same birthday money I get every year, and I never really know what to spend it on. This year, I spent it on socks. Yes, socks. And I got giddy. Now, it's no secret I basically live in my jams when I'm around the house and I'm known for bare feet, but in these colder months, socks make sense. And they are oh so comfortable. There's something tactilely and aesthetically pleasing about new socks. I can't think of a better way to have spent part of that birthday money. The rest, I am saving because honestly, there's nothing I NEED. A few wants, as all of us have, but my God takes exceptional care of me.

I am very, very blessed and I'm just content. I love the simple things. The small things that I think so many of us overlook every day. And the small things that are right now headed to spend the weekend with me - I love them, too.

What about you? Are you content to live simple or are you hanging your life on the next biggest, greatest, grandest thing to happen?

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