Thursday, June 7, 2012


There's a great deal that many of us could be doing, but we're afraid to give it a go because we don't feel like we have enough to work with.


We're familiar with the concept of shoestring as it relates to our budgets.  We talk about having shoestring finances, meaning we're running thin.  We've got little at our disposal.  And personally, I'll admit - I know a thing or two about that.  I'm trying to pay my way through the world with what most authors make, which is "not a salary."  I get shoestrings.

But it doesn't have to be money.  We can be living off a shoestring connectedness, not feeling like we have enough of a place to do anything.  We can be living off a shoestring talent, not feeling like what we do makes much of an impact at all.  We can be living off a shoestring faith, not sure we have enough belief.

The history of God's people is Israel on a shoestring.  There's not one example in all His Word of someone who thought they had enough, did enough, knew enough, or were enough.  David didn't stand up and cheer "It's about time!" when God anointed him king; he said, "me?  I'm just a shepherd."  I have a shoestring profession.

God told Abraham he would be the father of many nations, and Abraham was looking at his fragile old body and saying, "Me?"  I have a shoestring sperm pool.

Moses wasn't ready to speak for God's people, but God told him to head to Pharaoh's.  "Me?"  I have a shoestring courage.

God's people have always been shoestring people, people of limited means in one way or another.  Limited talent, influence, finances, faith, courage, graciousness.  But they have one thing in common: not a one of them would believe in a shoestring God.

God was enough.  Each of the men and women in God's story knew that if God was sending them, they could do it.  With God behind them, they had enough.  He was their talent, their influence, their provision, their faith, their courage, their grace.  They hesitated about themselves, and sometimes they hesitated about God, but they refused to rest on a shoestring God; they risked to believe He was bigger than that.

And He always proved them right.

That's how we get a people as numerous as the stars.  That's how we get not only a king, but a writer and inspiration for the ages.  That's how we get a new journey to undertake.  That's how we get a Messiah - because we know there was a hitch of hesitation even in Jesus, a moment when He thought maybe He wasn't enough.  That's how we get freedom.  That's how we get Love.

That's how we get a story about a widow who knows a little about a shoestring but gave it all anyway - two whole coins worth - as a story about building the kingdom.

You see, when you know God stands behind you, when you believe He makes up for all you lack, when you trust that He's going to use you no matter how piddly you may feel, you look at your shoestring - whatever it is - and you know there's only one thing to do with it:

Lace it in your sneakers and go.

Where is God calling you to go that you don't feel adequate to follow?  What if you laced up that shoestring and took off toward purpose, letting Him speak for your empty spaces?

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