Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Most High

If God's going to make you crazy enough for this place so you can see the glory of the Lord Most High, don't you think it's high time we admit He's actually the "Most"?

As opposed, of course, to simply "More High."

Admit it. There have been times in your life, maybe right now, when you've seen the masterful handiwork of God and thought perhaps, just perhaps, it was only a little higher than you could achieve. You've thought maybe you could pull this or that thing together, work out this or that situation, heal this or that circumstance if things were just a little "more" right to do so. When we conceptualize of our world and our abilities in this way, God doesn't seem so supernatural. He doesn't seem so grand. He doesn't seem so miraculous.

He's almost...mundane.

Because hey, a few miles away from here, and we could probably do it, too. Whatever "it" is. This is our God-complex talking, the stubborn piece inside of us that still wants to fend for ourselves, that doesn't take grace well, that isn't ready to surrender wholly to the Unfathomably High. We're still trying to figure God out, thinking it can't be so hard. He can't be so complicated. Trying to work around in our heads how the pieces must fit together so that one day, we can make that decision without Him. We can create that thing without Him. We can live, maybe even love, without Him.

That's the danger of God simply being "More High." We continue to dumb Him down, break Him down in our attempts to understand Him until He's irrelevant. Until He's not so good. Until He's not really anything. Then we say we don't need Him. And if that's all you ever think of God, then you're right - you don't need Him. If godlikeness seems within your reach, what use do you have for the real thing?

But if you're willing to live in the mystery, if you're willing to admit and accept that you just can't figure Him out, if you're willing to declare that there is nothing nobly godlike in you, if you make Him untouchable and cast Him into the eternal where He belongs, you have made Him "Most High."

Do you see the difference? If God is More High, the pressure's on you to get there. To be more. If God is Most High, the burden is on Him to be bigger, better than everything we come across down here. If God is Most High, He gets to be God.

I think He appreciates that.

And it's a relief to us, too. It's easy to think that if you can't understand God, you can't love Him. If you can't fathom Him, you can't serve Him. If He seems too big, too wise, too glorious, too high, you think you're about to lose that intimacy you long for with Him. You think He must be too grand to care about little ol' you.

But the exact opposite is true. When you worship God as Most High, you recognize His place over all of this. You learn to trust Him in a new way. You learn to appreciate Him in a new way. You see His wisdom, and it makes Him glorious, but it makes you smile thinking about the awesome way your God wove such things together. The Most High is something you can put your faith in. You don't have to understand exactly how He does it. You don't have to figure Him out. You just have to know that He is Most High, and that puts Him above everything; there is nothing that is not under His dominion. When God is Most High, you feel Him wrapping around you and you kind of lean into Him a little, then a lot, as you find this place to rest...a place where things are taken care of because there is not, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be a "Mostest High." This is no toddler ones-upsies. This is God, and He is the Most. He is the Most High. Nothing will ever be higher than He; everything will always be lesser, lower.

Which means...He's got this. He's the Host (of Heaven) with the Most.

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