Friday, October 10, 2014

I Am

What's important to remember is that God doesn't cease to be the God who heals you when you're no longer broken; He just gets the chance to be so much more on top of that. As your needs change, God stays the same, but your perception of Him expands. You get to see more of Him. You get to know more of Him. You get to love more of Him.

The trouble, if we fail to renegotiate our relationship with Him as sighted men, is that we risk only ever knowing what He has already been. That's trouble because there is no truth in that. The truth? God is. He simply is.

He never was.

Have you noticed that? God, and the people of God, do a lot of referring back to the things God has done for them. And while some of the events may be in the past, the reality of God is always in the present. I AM the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob...even though Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are long dead and rotted. I AM the God who brought you out of Egypt...even though you're far too removed to even remember what that was like. I AM the God who gave sight to the blind man...even though the blind man is now afraid he's losing Me.

I AM. 

God truly is the same yesterday and today and forever. He tells us that, but it's more than the way He tells us so directly. It's how He keeps telling us when He constantly reminds us who He IS. He never says, not a single time, who He WAS. He never says I WAS the God who comforted Job. Why? Because even though He's not comforting Job right now, His nature hasn't changed. He's still the same God. He's still got the same heart. He's still comforting.

He doesn't say I WAS the God who rescued David from his enemies. Why? Because He's rescued David from his enemies, but He's still a rescuer. It is still who He IS. 

Do you start to see the pattern? Men sometimes get confused and may say this is the God who WAS, but God tells you not to make such a mistake. He is the God who IS. 

He IS the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; He IS the God of Bill and Betty and Barbara. He IS the God who brought you out of Egypt; He IS the God who brought you through the storm. He IS the God who walked on water to get to His disciples; He IS the God who crosses the earth to get to you. He IS. He IS. He IS.

So what do we say to the blind man who, with sighted eyes, fear he may have lost the very God whom he sought? We tell him the truth: once you find Him, you have Him. You can never know less of Him; you can only ever know more. You will always know God as Healer, if you choose to remember that God has healed you. Because God IS Healer. He always will be.

Because He always IS.

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