Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chaos Theory

This world seems to thrive on chaos. And why shouldn't it? One of the laws of the universe is that without a force pushing us toward order, chaos reigns. Left to its own devices, this world devolves. Left to our own devices, we, too, devolve. 

And the storms rage. Winds blow. Rains fall. Lightning flashes. Thunder roars. (Ok, ok. I'm being optimistic, I know. Snow falls. Temperatures drop. More snow falls. Then some more snow falls....) And the storms certainly feel like chaos. They certain feel unordered. They certain feel wild and out of control. Until...until, that is, you get even deeper into it. 

If the storm teaches us anything, if there's anything we learn from this bit of chaos all around us, it's that sometimes, you have to press into it. Sometimes, you have to head straight into the winds. Sometimes, you have to let the chaos swirl all around you. When you get in deep enough, you find something unique: peace. It's the eye of the storm. 

It's the eye of God on you.

It's easy to lose sight of in the chaos. It's easy to forget to look around every now and then. To look up. When the winds blow and the storm rages, most of us want to keep our heads down. So keep your head down, if you must, but keep moving forward. Push into the winds until they settle all around you. And then, look up. Look around. Take note of what's going on here: God's got His eye on you.

It's going to be okay.

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