Thursday, April 2, 2015


Everybody's always asking, which came first? The chicken or the egg? The Bible has a beautiful answer for that. Genesis tells us that God created the earth fertile and ready to reproduce, so the answer is: 

A chicken with an egg in it.

The life that God created had the seed of life within it at its very conception. God, from the very beginning, created life within life. 

Why do I bring this up now? Because this is a season in which we're all looking for eggs. Eggs, it seems, represent a new life. We know it's in there. We know that just on the other side of that shell is a life waiting to spring forth, just as we know that just on the other side of that stone, new life waits in the grave. He's waiting for just the right time to come busting out of there. And that time is coming soon. That time is Easter morning.

So we go hunt eggs. We go out looking for new life without realizing that, like the chicken, it's been inside of us this whole time. God created you with this new life in mind, with a way to bring you back to Himself. He created you fertile for the faith, with this special little place inside of you that can't help but nurture what He's growing in you. 

And what is He growing? Redemption. Pure and precious redemption. He's growing the you that you were always intended to be, the you that has to be tucked away for awhile to develop well before you burst forth into His glorious Creation and manifest His incredible grace.

Most of us wonder a great deal about who we are. Are we the broken woman we see in the mirror? Or are we that rush of holiness we feel when we come in contact with the spirit of God? At our very core, we want to know which is real. Are we saints or sinners? Are we chickens or eggs?

The answer is: we're both. We're saints and sinners. We're chickens with eggs in them. 

New life is growing in you already. This Easter, crack it open.

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