Thursday, June 30, 2016

Yes or No

The trouble in all of this, the problem we have when we insist that maybe tomorrow we shall trust in the Lord, is that it all comes back to us, not Him. It comes back to our timing, not His. It comes back to our plans, not His. 

We give the hesitation in our own hearts the authority to run our lives, as if it is this hesitation that is most true of us.

As if we are only what we find it possible to be. As if we are only what we are capable of doing. As if every moment is held captive to our fallen, flailing flesh. How much of your life do you really want to depend on your own courage? Really?

Our greatest trouble is that we spend most of our lives doing only the things we're ready to do. From a practical standpoint, sure, this seems like a pretty safe way to go. You don't jump out of the airplane until you're sure your chute is secure. You don't step on the rickety bridge until you're sure it will hold your weight. You don't let go until you know where you're going to land. You don't say yes until you've got one good breath down in your lungs to even get the word out. 

But the truth is that for most of us, this means we never jump out of the plane. We never step out on the rickety bridge. We never let go. And we never say yes. Because how in the world can we ever be sure? How in the world can we ever be ready?

We're all waiting for that moment that we were made for, but the truth is that that moment may not be coming. At least not any time soon. But there are moments in this world that are made for us.

There are moments that are meant to make us stronger than we ever imagined we could be. There are moments that are meant to give us confidence in our faith. There are moments that draw us up into something bigger than we could ever dream. There are moments that are made for us, and it is up to us to seize them.

Even if we can't breathe.

Even if we've forgotten how to inhale one more time. Even if the only sound we can hear is our own heartbeat drumming through our ears. Even if our knees are knocking. Even if our hands are shaking. Even if our soul is unsettled. Even if we can't fathom a moment like this.

And you know what those moments are. They're the same ones we started this week with - they're the times when the presence of God is so real that it'd be pure foolishness not to trust Him. Right now. Right here. They're the moments when the most difficult thing to do is the simplest: believe. They're the moments when all it takes is one faithful yes when it's far easier to say maybe tomorrow. They're today's moments, and they're not coming around again. 

They're not coming back tomorrow, and they're not waiting for today. They're not waiting for you to check your chute. They're not waiting for you to test the bridge. They're not waiting for you to spot your soft landing. They're not waiting for you to breathe.

These moments come but for a fleeting second. They're here and then they are gone, and by the time you breathe, you've missed it. Tomorrow sounds good, but this is not tomorrow. This is today. This is right now. And you have to be ready to say yes. 

You have to be ready to say yes because one of these moments is coming where yes is all you've got. You haven't got maybe tomorrow. You haven't got just a minute. You haven't got the chance to turn your eyes from Jesus because the moment is coming when He will be all that you can see, when His glory will shine so bright there is nowhere to divert your eyes. In that moment, you've got just a moment. Do you accept the sacrifice He made for you? Do you accept His invitation to paradise?

There is no maybe tomorrow.

Do you or don't you? Can you say yes? Can you breathe right now? Nod your head. Do something. This is your moment. It's the only one you've got. Yes or no?

These are the moments we're living in. A thousand times each day. A million times in a lifetime. Each moment is this one, the Son of God so near that you can feel His breath. His eyes so tender that they pierce right through you. His glory so bright that it's impossible to turn away from it. These moments...they're not that moment, but they are. They're all you've got. 

Do you or don't you? 

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