Friday, December 23, 2016


All this week, we have been looking at the words of the magnificat, Mary's beautiful song recorded in the gospel of Luke, her humble response to the God-child growing in her womb. 

But this is not just Mary's song; it is ours, as well. Or, at least, it should be.

There is no Lord but Jesus, of course, but what is it that we know of this Lord? We know that John calls Him "the Word." Not once, but over and over again. And indeed, in terms even of the Trinity, this is the truth of the Christ - He is the Word, come to the world in flesh. Is this not where we all find ourselves?

Whatever can be said about the babe in Mary's womb can also be said about the Word in us. When the babe leaped in Mary's womb, so the Word leaps in us. Where the babe grew and formed and became mature in her, it grows, forms, and becomes mature in us. Where the time comes when the babe can no longer stay so small and bursts forth from her tender womb, so the time comes when the Word can no longer stay so small in us and bursts forth from our tender flesh.

We are all pregnant with the very word of God, and thus, we must all sing the magnificat.

We must sing it wholeheartedly, and for the very reasons that Mary did. We must sing because in us, God must be made bigger; our souls must magnify the lord. We must sing because in us, joy must take firm hold; our spirits must rejoice. We must sing because we, too, have been noticed by God; He has looked favorably upon us. And we must bear the Word in the world in such a way, on account of all of this, that all people should call us blessed.

Blessed we are, indeed.

There is no greater honor than to be the humble servant chosen to bring forth the Word into this world, to bear God in the very flesh and make Him present to an aching generation. This Christmas journey, this magnificat, it does not echo only unto the manger, but it merely begins there. It begins here - from a silent night in Bethlehem to a Cross outside of Jerusalem to a busy shopping mall, a crowded airport, and a family breakfast with pajamas and presents.

My soul magnifies the Lord. My spirit rejoices in God, my Savior, for He has noticed me, and from now on, all people will call me blessed.

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