Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Like Moses

So we have in the Scriptures these two powerful moments where God wants to pass by those who have already seen Him face-to-face, in a way that will reveal more of His glory to them. The first is Moses on the mountain; the second is the disciples on the sea.

Most Bible scholars will tell you, and with good reason because there is some truth to this, that when you see something happen once in the Bible and then happen again, there is an inherent connection between the two events. The Scriptures themselves testify to this to some degree, comparing Christ to Adam and Christ to Jonah, for example. 

The question then becomes, what does God's passing by of the disciples indicate about them, knowing that He passed by Moses in the same way? And what does it indicate for us?

Quite clearly, the answer is that Christ believes the disciples to have the same anointing on their lives as Moses, the same calling when it comes to His people. It's really not that much of a stretch to get there; it's rather really natural. The disciples become the leaders of the people, those who have met with God and seen Him face-to-face and who then become voices of authority in His movement among the people, bridging the gap between Him and them.

They are the ones who can see what no one else can see. They are the ones who know what no one else can know. They are the ones given the vision not only for God's glory, but for God's promise. And as we march on toward the Promised Land, it is the disciples and their testimony that guides us and that reminds us at every turn that the Lord is with us. 

But it's more even than that, for we know that Jesus called not just twelve to be His disciples, but that He called all of us to be His disciples. We are disciples made by disciples who are making disciples, and that means that all of us have upon our shoulders the mantle of Moses. We are all called to be this kind of leader.

We are the ones with the eyes to see Jesus in the world. We are the ones with the vision for not only the glory of God, but the promise of Him. We are the ones with the testimony of what it's like to see Him face-to-face, for we have gazed upon the Cross and we know it well. 

And that means that we are the guides through this messed up, crazy, broken world we live in. We are the ones who ought to be calling out, who ought to be hearkening toward something better. We are the ones to whom others ought to be running for judgment and guidance and wisdom. We are the ones who ought to be keeping His story forefront of all that we, as a people, are doing. Of all that we are. Of all that we ever will be. We are the ones who know, better than anyone, His promise, who ought to be sharing it. 

The Lord passes us by as His disciples, where more of His glory than ever we could have imagined is revealed, and we are Moses to a wandering people. We are Moses in a wondering world. 

Isn't it time we lead like it? 

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