Tuesday, April 30, 2019


I have a question. It may seem like a rather silly question, in the context of all of the possible questions that we could ask about Scripture, but it's something that jumped out at me as I read through the Old Testament and well, any question is a good question if you ask it for the sake of knowledge. 

So here it is: how big was Goliath's armor-bearer?

No, seriously. The Bible tells us that when Goliath stepped forward to challenge the armies of Israel, his shield-bearer stepped forward with him. And I just wonder how much good an armor-bearer is for a guy who is already bigger than everyone else. Picture it: big, looming giant with a massive sword...little tiny Philistine with a regular-sized shield. 

No wonder David had no trouble hitting the guy in the head. His shield-bearer wasn't tall enough to protect him. Wasn't big enough to make a difference. Wasn't agile enough to matter. 

And yet, even the big, strong, tall, fearsome giant wouldn't go into battle without him. 

Contrast that with David, the little shepherd boy delivering vittles to his brothers on the front lines. Saul tried to put armor on the young lad, but it was so heavy and over-sized (think about that - Saul's armor was too big for David while Goliath's wasn't big enough for the giant) that it made the little boy clumsy, so he threw it off and went to the front lines anyway. And David went not only without armor, but without an armor-bearer. 

Or did he? 

When David approached that battle line bare-boned, he had all of the armor that he needed. He'd already covered himself in prayer and brought the Lord with him into battle. Although you couldn't see it, he was protected by a shield. 

And unlike Goliath's armor-bearer, David's was big enough to matter. David's Armor-Bearer covered him, wrapped around him, enveloped him at the front line. David's Armor-Bearer was tall enough, big enough, strong enough, and agile enough to keep him safe. David's Armor-Bearer stood fearlessly between the little boy and the battle and kept him safe while he delivered a fatal blow over a little tiny Philistine with a too-small shield. 

So I have a question: how big is your armor-bearer? In whom do you trust to shield you on the front lines? Is he tall enough, big enough, strong enough, agile enough, loving enough to protect you? 

Or have you settled for a little tiny Philistine with a too-small shield?

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