Monday, December 5, 2022


One of the things that we know this world is looking for from Jesus is sight. The Gospels are filled with the stories of blind men crying out on the sides of the road, and they are also filled with men that Jesus says are blind and don't even know it yet. 

I don't know about you, but it seems to me when I read the Gospels that the blind men outnumber everyone else who comes to Jesus.  

Most of us wrestle with this, whether we are physically blind or not. We struggle with knowing there are things in this world that we just don't see. Maybe we can't see them. Maybe we're not paying enough attention. Maybe we couldn't process them even if we did, such as is the case when men look like trees walking around. 

We just feel like we're missing something important that's right in front of our faces, and without it, we're at risk of taking a wrong turn somewhere. 

And this blindness that we feel doesn't end when we simply come to Christ; we need Him to open our eyes. 

So many of us spend so much of our time saying that we wish God would just show us what He wants us to do. Sometimes, it's an excuse we're making so that we can stay idle or comfortable or whatever - claiming that if God wanted us to do something different, He'd show us. Or that we're not going to move until God makes it clear. Sometimes, we wrestle with our smallness and just want God to show us what part it is that we're playing in things. Sometimes, we need that kind of vision to help us focus, to take our eyes off all of the possible good things that we could be doing and help us to figure out what the good things are that God wants us to be doing. 

The point is - we can all benefit from a touch of holy vision in our lives, and most of us - Christian and not - spend a lot of our time crying out for it. 

The good news, then, is that Jesus never left a blind man begging. Not one. There's not one man who cries out, "Lord, I want to see!" to whom Jesus responds, "Nah. That's not really necessary. You're fine just the way you are, and it's okay that you're blind." 

That's not our God. Our God touches the eyes of the blind and opens them, and He doesn't quit until you don't just see, but see clearly. Until the last bit of scales fall from your eyes.

Only our God is able to give us the testimony, "I once was blind, but now, I see." Only our God is faithful to give us this story. 

Only our God is near enough to open our eyes. 


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