Wednesday, December 6, 2023


For the first many years of this blog, I would wake up every morning, eat breakfast, read my Bible, and write my blog. For the past few years, I have found it more practical (and less stressful) to write each blog a day ahead of time so that it doesn't have to be the first thing that I do in the morning, along with the twelve other first things that I need to do in the morning as a working individual. (Okay, the dog insisting on her morning walks has shaped that a little bit, too.) 

If I know that I'm working a few days in a row, I might even write a few blogs in a row so that my mornings are less hectic. It also helps me train some thoughts together and write some of the series that I've been posting as of late. 

And then, inevitably, something like Tuesday happens. 

See, yesterday was Tuesday. And I had a blog ready for Tuesday. I knew I was working Monday, which left no time for writing, so I wrote Monday and Tuesday's blogs on Saturday. (I know you completely care about all of this, but I'm getting there - I promise.) Knowing I had Tuesday off, I made no plans for Wednesday's blog. Today's blog. 

Then, Tuesday happened. 

Tuesday, my phone rang while the first number on the clock was still a 4. 4-something a.m. Still mostly asleep, I answered to discover that work needed me to come in for the day. There's something a little disorienting about that when you haven't planned on losing your Tuesday, especially when you know you use your Tuesday to prepare your sacred space (as much as a blog can be one) for Wednesday. 

I mean, can I tell my boss I'll be there later because I have a blog to write? 

Honestly, I didn't think about it at all, which surprised me. I said yes, went to work, had an amazing day, did a little bit of good in the world, made some good connections, logged nearly 7 miles on my step counter, and came home exhausted. It wasn't until I woke up this morning and realized I had no blog for today that I even remembered that I had no blog for today. 

So I say all that to say this - or maybe to ask this: 

Is your life interruptable? 

Can you deal with the things that pop up and throw you off your schedule? Can you handle the things you didn't plan for? Can you handle those things you didn't plan for hindering your ability to do the things you did plan for? 

For a long time, I'll admit it - I was not interruptable. Sometimes, I'm still not, but I'm working on it. I like plans. I like knowing what I'm going to do. I schedule the things that I want to do and know generally how the flow is going to go. It has sometimes been a struggle for me in my life when that flow is interrupted. 

It has sometimes been a struggle, but it has almost always been a blessing. I mean it. Some of the absolute greatest things God has ever done in my life, He has done through an interruption. Some of the times when I have made the most impact in the world have been when I was working an interruption. Some of my greatest blessings and most treasured memories were interruptions. 

And listen, I'm not talking about being "spontaneous," as trendy as that sounds and everything. I'm talking about feeling that little nudge in your Spirit that tells you to take a detour...and taking it. I'm talking about feeling that tug in your heart that pulls against what you think you have planned for yourself...and letting it pull you. I'm talking about being responsive to the opportunities in front of you. That's a far cry from spontaneity. It's interruption. 

Are you interruptable? 

What might you discover if you were? 

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