Monday, June 18, 2018

Chosen Last

Most of us have heard at one time or another that God has chosen us. But most of us don't understand, even as Christians, what that means.

We look around at all the other persons that God has chosen, and it starts to feel to us a bit like a schoolyard pick. Yes, maybe He has chosen us, but we weren't picked first. We weren't considered the superstars, the ones most likely to contribute to His team. We were picked after the studs, after the pastors, after the priests, after those who are really doing a good, big work for God. Obviously, He picked them first. He picked us sometime after.

And from there, it doesn't take a big leap for us to feel like maybe God even picked us last, like it came down to the bottom of the barrel, scraping for enough men for a team, nobody really wants them but someone has to take them couple of players and God, in an act of nothing more than mercy, chose us. By grace alone, He let us play, even when He knew we'd never make a basket or that we'd fumble the ball. 

In other words, He picked us, but only because we were the ones left standing there; He never intended for us to play. At least, not to play a real role in anything. 

That's what it feels like sometimes. And if you're one of those that thinks you're not the superstar, that you're not the stud, that you're not the tops because you're not a prophet or a priest or a pastor, let me tell you this: it feels like that sometimes even to prophets and priests and pastors. We're all subject to this kind of thought. 

But only when we look around and think that God was picking only from the available human beings. 

What you have to do if you want to know what it really means that God has chosen you is to stop looking around and start looking up. Look into the heavens, which are full of the stars, each one numbered and known by God. Look into the sky, which are dotted with clouds, each one weighed and moved by God Himself. Look into the trees and count the leaves; not one falls without God knowing it. Look at the birds, each one known by name and cared for and clothed in beauty. 

The God of the universe, who created everything with a simple, holy breath, chose you not out of His creation, but out of His imagination. Out of the very depths of His heart, He drew you together and chose you - to be exactly who you are, exactly where you are, exactly how you are. 

He put you together exactly as He wanted you, exactly as He needed you, and then He chose you first because you are the best possible you that there could ever be. He chose you first because He loves you. The Scriptures affirm this: "The Lord set His heart on you and chose you." (Deuteronomy 7:7)

Not because He was out of other options. Not because He needed enough players for His team. Not because He took pity on you and decided to let you play. He chose you because He loves you. He chose you first because you have come out of and captured the depths of His heart. 

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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