Friday, June 22, 2018

The Person of God

What's the point of all this imagining, or re-imagining, of God? It's really quite simple. None of the things that I have claimed this week about God would strike most Christians as inconsistent with what they believe about Him, yet the way that I have presented them has likely either stirred or offended the soul. 

But if we believe that God has chosen us, truly chosen us, that He is present and up to something and full in depth of character and emotion, even to the point of volitionally being able to give us relationally what seems desirable to us at the time and yet, we are not living in such a deeply relational way with Him as to experience it, then we are hypocrites, liars, or failures.

Aren't we?

If we aren't living the lives with God that are clearly not only possible, but required, if we truly believe what we say we believe about God, then we are missing something vital of the Christian life, and it is not God's fault. It's ours.

And worse yet, we are far too often convinced that we are satisfied by that something less. 

And worse still, we often take that something less and package it in pretty bows and market it to a hungry and thirsty world that is aching for a taste of the one true God. 

And they, at least, even if we do not, find our God lacking. 

What I hope this series of posts has done is to reignite in you a passion for the person of God, something deep in your heart that says, yes. Yes, God is profoundly relational, He has a depth of character and emotion, His heart is powerful and present, and He's chosen me. I hope you've discovered inside of yourself an ache that says, I want to live like that. 

Because the truth is that our God is more than a good idea. He's a great friend. And if that is true, it not only makes possible more than we could ask or imagine, but it requires more than we are presently giving. It requires that we be not just believers in God...

...but friends of Him, too.

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