Monday, November 4, 2019

Seeing a Vision

Visions are not entirely uncommon in the Scriptures. Often, God comes to one of His prophets and shows the man (or woman) something that no one else can see. When this happens, the prophet is not always alone, and those traveling in the same company often see a flash of light or hear a roar of thunder and scream and run away in terror, not knowing what is happening. Not understanding what their friend, their righteous friend, is seeing. 

Such is the case in Daniel 10 (among other places). 

Such is still the case today. 

I'm what you might call an idealist - I see things that others don't see. I see possibilities that others can never seem to believe in. I'm not alone. A lot of pastors fall into this category, having their eyes open wide to what God can do in their midst. What God promises to do among them. What God desires to do among them. 

And a lot of times, when we share this kind of vision with others around us, when we start to lay out the grand plans that God has for us and all the possibilities of what can happen, those around us scream and run away in terror.

Can I get an Amen?

I mention pastors, but it's not just pastors; it's all of us. It's everyone, from the CEO running the newest company to the stay-at-home parent trying to raise the kids right. Think about the last time you organized the toy room and thought, "Gosh, if I could just get the kids to put the toys back where they found them, this would be a pretty neat space." Try telling that to the kids, and they scream and run away in terror. 

Every time you see something that those around you don't see - can't see, are blind to, or don't want to see - it frightens them. 

That's natural, I think. Those who don't see the vision understand that their life has the potential to dramatically change because of...whatever it happens to be, but because they aren't privy to the promise in the vision, because they aren't "in" on the hope, it's hard to fathom exactly what that means. What are the first words the angel of the Lord speaks to those whom he visits? "Do not be afraid..." Because we are a people prone to being afraid. 

But here's what we can't miss when we read stories like the one in Daniel: even though everyone else was afraid, even though they all screamed and ran away, the person to whom God reveals the vision always holds onto it...and God always delivers. Every time He promises, He comes through. What the prophet has seen comes to pass, in the fullness of His glory. And that's what we have to hold onto. 

Whether you're seeing a clean toy room or a community outreach or a generation on fire for God, whatever it is, if He's showing you the vision of what can be, if He's giving you a hope for what He's doing, if your eyes are wide open to the possibilities of God moving in you, through you, and for you, then don't let go of that. Even if to others, it's all smoke and mirrors, it's all light and noise...even if everyone else screams and runs away, hold onto the vision you've got. 

For though only your eyes may behold it for now, when it comes to pass, the world will see the glory of the Lord. You just have to hold onto it for them until they can. 

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