Tuesday, June 20, 2023


Let me ask you a question: at what point in the day are you willing to say that today is not the day that God will answer your prayer? 

Say that you've been praying earnestly for something for awhile. Something that's important to you. Something that would change your life and you know it. Say that you've been falling asleep praying for this thing every night, praying so hard and so raw that you don't even remember falling asleep. 

Now, you wake up the next morning and nothing has changed. 

At what point do you start praying for tomorrow? 

I was thinking about this the other morning as I was walking my dog. Morning. Before the sun was even all the way up, actually. (We walk early.) Without even really thinking about it at all, I realized that I was already thinking that today was going to be a good day, but it wasn't going to be the day. I was already resolving myself to enjoy a good day for all that it had to offer, while also already starting to pray in my heart for tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. 

Then, I laughed at myself. I just couldn't help it. 

We're so silly this way. We have it in our heads that time, the life, somehow automatically resets every time we open our eyes. We close them, and everything puts itself back in order, and we open them, and whatever we see is what we're going to get. We forget, it seems, that life goes on even while we're sleeping and that time doesn't actually start over every morning. 

More importantly, we forget that time is nothing at all to God. Nothing. The Bible tells us that a thousand years are like the blink of an eye to Him, and the blink of an eye like a thousand years. That means that the entire course of your story could reset...at any moment. 

Any moment could be your new morning, no matter what the clock says. Any moment could be the moment that God sets you free. Your next breath, at any moment, could be the first breath you take after God answers your prayer. 

I just think sometimes, we're too quick to say that today is not the day when, honestly, today has barely started. And even if it's almost over, it's not yet - not until it's tomorrow and then, guess what? Tomorrow becomes today. 

And that means, my friends, that today is the day. Today is your day. Today is God's day. Because it's the only day you're ever going to truly have. 

Don't be so quick to write it off.  

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