Monday, April 30, 2012

Inappropriate Communion Thoughts: #1

Earlier this year, I was honored to step into a new role in my congregation - communion thought deliverer.  In my tribe, we partake of the communion offering every week as a reminder of Christ's sacrifice.  And it's the role of this thought-deliverer to help the congregation think about the sacrifice and the gift and the meaning of the little bit of cracker and little bit of juice we share.  It is a role I take with great honor because I have tremendous respect for the sacrament of communion.

This does not, however, keep me from having bad ideas about what to say.  Not necessarily bad, but a wide range of inappropriateness - from mildly to wildly inappropriate.  Things that make me smile because, yes, that's how God made me, but that I would never actually say in front of my congregation in that moment, in that role, because communion is more beautiful, more respectful, more meaningful than that.

At the same time, why let these mildly- to wildly-inappropriate ideas go to waste?  I shared a few with my sisters last night at a women's get-together and got enough laughs that I think it's ok to go ahead and post them here, just to share.  So this will be an ongoing series as bad ideas continue to flow through my brain and get caught in the filter that separates the holy from the wholly inappropriate.

May they amuse you, but really - don't use these.  It would be...awkward.

Bad Communion Thought #1:

Christ took the bread and after blessing it, he broke it and handed it to his disciples, saying "Eat me."

See?  You couldn't say that.  One sister lovingly told me she would cut my microphone if I dared try.  (I wouldn't dare try.)

But it's not about eating Him anyway.  It's about learning the way that we let His sacrifice, His body and His blood, do more than pass by our presence.  We take it.  We ingest it.  And our bodies - our souls - draw the nourishment out of it.  The way our bodies know what to do with a little bit of cracker and a sip of juice, to pull the nutrients out of it and turn them into something that fuels us, that is what our hearts do with this reminder of His sacrifice.  Our spirit knows how to pull out of it what fuels us; He feeds us through this sacrament, and not just in our stomachs.

Pray with me...or maybe pray for me because my mind just does this on its own.

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  1. I thought this was hilarious. Don't worry, Aidan. You are the only one that has crazy thoughts like that!