Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Inappropriate Communion Thoughts: #2

This one falls gently into the "mildly" inappropriate category, and I might be able to swing it if Twilight comes out with another blockbuster movie or something dramatic happens with True Blood (neither of which I've ever seen).  Then again, there is also Johnny Depp's new movie...

But it's all about the vampires.

Specifically, holy vampires.

Bad Communion Thought #2: Holy Vampires

It seems that many of us are nothing more than holy vampires.  Or wannabe holy vampires.  Or seemingly-righteous vampires.  (I haven't quite worked out the phrasing yet.)  We come together every Sunday and celebrate this supper by drinking the blood of Christ, but we prefer living in darkness and most of us don't see ourselves when we look in the mirror.

Then when God wants to get our attention, it is a painful process in which He has to drive a stake straight through our hearts and pierce us...and it feels like death.  But He knows that something in us has to die because this isn't really living.  We do no honor to the blood of Christ just by drinking it; we need also to live it, to come out of the darkness and into the light even if it stings.  That's what this blood is supposed to do for us - not nourish us in darkness but strengthen us in light.

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