Monday, August 4, 2014

Grace Hole

You've no doubt heard about the wormhole - a completely hypothetical warp in the time-space continuum which, if ever actually found, creates a shortcut across space and time.

I'm not a physicist (although I do watch The Big Bang Theory), so I can't speak to all that time-space stuff in the scientific sense. But I can tell you without a doubt that there is a ripple in the universe.

It's called grace.

Grace always comes unexpected. It has to, or it can't be grace. Grace is that moment when you get the thing you least deserve, that thing you would never dare hope for. It's different than mercy, which says you do not get what's coming to you. But it's also different than a reward for faithfulness. You would never hope for God's grace. You couldn't even know what to hope for. Then it shows up, and you're like...whoa. 

I've had a lot of grace moments in my life, particularly as of late. And the thing about grace that I've noticed is this - it is a profound disruption of the time-space continuum. It's an aberration from the way the world works.

The world says this life is labor, that I have to work my way toward anything my heart could ever desire. There's fault in that, simply in that what my heart needs, it may never comprehend enough to desire. That is, I can't even know what to desire, and that's where grace comes in. I could work my way toward the greatest things in the universe, toward the most intimate places of Creation, inch my way toward eternity...and never get close enough to even vaguely understand such things. But by grace, I am sucked in. I am drawn right toward these things by a powerful force. My movement is accelerated. 

I'm getting there.

The world says there's a linear progression to everything, that things move along in a straight line. First yesterday, then today, and eventually tomorrow. First there, then here, then way beyond here. The past, then the present, then the future. First the beginning, then the middle, and then the end.

But grace says, "In the beginning..." In the beginning, He created the end. In the beginning, He ordained the middle. In the beginning was the first and the last. As grace draws us into that, it takes us back to the original Creation and into the promised Paradise at the same time. Grace pulls us from the middle and takes us to both the beginning and the end. 

You can't do that without a grace hole somewhere in this universe. 

No man has ever seen a wormhole. No one's discovered one, at least not that we know of. (In theory, I suppose, since it's all theory anyway, a man who discovered a wormhole could be sucked into it and disappear into the time-space continuum and thus, never be able to tell us about his wormhole.) No man knows whether this ripple in the universe actually exists or whether it's just fun to think about.

But I know about grace. It's absolutely real. And I know where the grace hole is, the place where all of this both begins and ends, the place where powerful forces begin to swirl, the place that takes us from here to there and covers the distance of space and time in an instant. Yes, I know where the grace hole is.

There are three of them: one in His right hand, one in His left, and one in His feet.

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