Friday, August 8, 2014

One Drop

Nobody likes falling, even falling with style, but there is something cool about the emptiness. It's the way one drop of holy changes everything.

It's the same way a tiny spark of light changes the darkness. It hits your eyes, and you can't help but see it, and suddenly, you're aware of how dark the darkness has been at the very same moment it isn't any more. That doesn't mean it's not still dark; it depends on where the candle is. But it's no longer purely dark. It's not formless any more. One little bit of light starts to give the darkness shape.

That's what happens when one drop of holy falls into your pit. That's what happens when the smallest measure of God arrives. God steps in and infuses the tiniest bit of meaning into the darkness and at once, you're aware of the haunting emptiness. One small drop hits rock bottom and it echoes throughout your soul. The depth of the echo reveals the depth of the emptiness; you realize how barren and formless your spirit is. 

It is the paradoxical, beautiful nature of God. That in the very same breath He shows you all that is, He is already working to form it into all that it will be. It's not formless; it's not empty. There's something holy present.

God dwells there.

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