Thursday, February 1, 2024

God Changes Hearts

You've probably heard a saying that goes something like this: "God doesn't call the qualified; He qualifies the called." And there are plenty of biblical stories to back this up. 

Stories like the story of Israel's first king, Saul. 

God sent Samuel, the priest, to anoint Saul as the first king of Israel, and Saul didn't really know what was going on. He wasn't really anyone special, wasn't thinking of becoming a king in a land that wasn't even a kingdom. Then, Samuel shows up, pours some oil on his head, anoints him...and Saul turns to walk away. 

I mean, what do you do? Some random, weird dude shows up in priestly garments, pours oil on your head, proclaims you the first-ever king of a people who have never had a king before, and...what? I guess you go back to doing whatever you were doing before this crazy guy interrupted you for a second, wiping the oil off your brow and shaking your head as you go. 

But the Bible tells us that as Saul turned to walk away from Samuel, God changed his heart. Right then, right there. And then all the signs the crazy priest promised came to pass.

This is important. Don't miss what's happening here. 

God chose Saul. Chose him. Chose him so assuredly that He sent Samuel to anoint the man, sight unseen. But after his anointing, God changes his heart and makes him...kingly, I guess. 

And that means that when God chose Saul, we can only assume there was something un-kingly about him. Something uncertain. Something unconvinced. Something...that just wasn't quite there. 

Does that let you breathe a little easier?

So often, we think God couldn't possibly call us. Not me. I'm not worthy. I'm not ready. I'm not brave enough, strong enough, righteous enough, faithful enough. I'm not whatever enough. We spend a lot of our lives, like Moses, protesting - not me. Can't be me. Couldn't be me. 

Then some crazy something pops out of the bushes and pours oil on our heads and calls us anyway, and we protest all the harder. Not me. Can't be. Couldn't be. Does God have any idea what He's doing right now? 

He does. He's calling you to something greater. Not necessarily because of anything you are, but because of what you will be.

Because when God calls you, He'll change your heart to match. Just like Saul. 

It's something to think about. God knows exactly who you are when He calls you. Exactly. And He calls you anyway, before it even seems possible. 

Not me. Can't be me. Couldn't be me.'s me. 

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