Thursday, February 8, 2024

One Movement

We've been talking about the two movements involved in God's purpose and plan for your life - what God is doing and what you are doing. In other words, the thing He's putting together and the faithful steps you're taking in the meantime. But, in case you haven't figured it out by now, it's really all semantics. 

There's only one movement. 

It's all what God is doing. 

Because that beautiful, good, wonderful, faithful thing that I'm doing right now that maybe doesn't look a whole lot like the big vision and dream He's given me...that's His thing, too. 

How could it not be?

Its something good that satisfies something in my soul. It's blessed, and I am both being blessed by it and blessing others through it. It is providing for my current needs, while also keeping open my future possibilities. It is contributing to the glory of God in the world. 

Friends, that "little" thing you're doing right now, that small, faithful step you're taking - that's part of God's plan for your life, too. It may not be the thing that keeps you up at night dreaming, but it is the thing that lets you sleep at night. And that's not an accident. It's not a mistake. It's not a coincidence. 

It's the plan.

This is a great comfort to those of us who have somewhere along the way picked up the idea that God has exactly one overarching plan for your life and that if you miss it, you've ruined everything. If you fail, you've messed everything up. If you never get that opportunity, your life has been a waste. That's simply not true, no matter how many times it's been preached from the pulpit or shoved down your throat. 

Yes, God has one plan for your life, but it's in the breath, not the details. God's plan for your life is to sanctify you. To make you holy. To use your life to bring glory to His name. To spread the Word, to share the message. To do good, beautiful, blessed, holy things. Whatever that might look like. 

And that doesn't look like one thing. It looks like lots of things. It looks like lots of small things that might not even look like much in the moment, but those moments...are everything. 

Sometimes, we get a glimpse of the vision, and we look in the mirror, and we think we're missing it, but if we're doing the faithful thing God has in front of us right now, we're never missing it. We're right where He wants us to be. 

Sure, there are things in our life that He's putting together, things He's working out that only He can work out. And there are things that we're doing that are available for us to do right now, in this moment, while we're holding onto and letting go of the next one. 

But at the end of the day, it's all what He's doing. Every little bit of it is His plan. 

If it weren't, it wouldn't be so blessed. 

So relax. You're not missing it. Even if your life today doesn't look like the vision that dances behind your dreaming eyes, don't despair. It's entirely possible that even now, you are right where you're supposed to be. 

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