Thursday, March 14, 2024

God of Anointing

David's life only gets more complicated the older he gets. You would think that the time he spent running from Saul would have been his hard days, but harder days were coming, as he would spend some of his older years running from his own son. 

His son, not willing to wait on David's death, starts to try to take the throne early. God hasn't chosen him; he's chosen himself. David is still the anointed king of Israel, but Absalom is gaining ground. He's building a gathering of friends. Rebels, really. Men who are going to fight with him because they believe in his kingship as much as he does. Or so it seems. 

In the middle chapters of 2 Samuel, we are actually introduced to a number of new characters. Briefly, in the case of all of them. These are men who have connections to Israel and specifically to the kingship of Israel; some even served in the administration of Saul and have moved on to David. 

Now that Absalom is trying to establish himself, these men have a decision to make: who is the king? who do they follow? to whom do they pledge their allegiances? 

David tries to help them out. He tries to send them away. He tries to tell them to go ahead and go; Absalom is strong, and David is a sinful old man, and it is only a matter of time until they have a new king anyway, so they might as well get in Absalom's good graces before he violently takes over everything. 

Nobody should start out on the wrong side of a violent man. 

But several of these men look back at David, who seems to have already given up, and said, "No." No, David. We're not going anywhere. No, David. It doesn't matter if it looks like Absalom is winning. No, David, not even if you tell us to leave. Because you are the anointed king of Israel.


David's the one with God's anointing, win or lose. David's the one with God's anointing, madman on the loose or not. David's the one with God's anointing, whether his army is twice the size of Absalom's or half the size. It doesn't matter what the external looks like or how resigned David may seem to what looks like a certain fate. 

What is more certain than anything is that he is the anointed one. Period. 

And God's anointing doesn't just leave you because things are a little rough right now. 

So whatever season of life you're in, remember: whatever God has poured out on you is still on you. Your calling is still there. Favor is still there. Grace is still there. God still deeply loves you. You are His chosen one. 

Madman on the loose or not. 

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