Thursday, March 28, 2024


Superstition is about our efforts to control God. But, as we said yesterday, God cannot be controlled. 

And as we think this time of year about a God who came in flesh to walk among us and let us lead Him all the way to Calvary, I have to ask the honest question: why would you want to control Him?

What do you want from God that He's not already giving you? 

You want Him to love you. He already loves you. 

You want Him to be with you. He's already with you.

You want Him to bless you. He already blesses you.

You want Him to set things right in the world. He's already setting things right in the world.

You want Him to heal you. He's already healing you.

You want Him to speak truth to power. He's is truth.

You want Him to speak grace to brokenness. He is grace. 

Everything we think we want from God - everything we need from God - is already a free gift from God. He's already giving it to us. 

So much so that He sent His Son to live among us here on earth, wrapped in our flesh, our dust on His feet. He sent Him to break bread with us and pour out His blood for our lives. He sent Him to not only enter the grave of darkness, but to walk out of it, and to go and prepare a place for us. 

What, exactly, do you want from God besides everything He already promised and everything He already is?

All you must do, friend, is believe and accept it. If this is who God is, He cannot be any other than this. He will always be this. 

And I'm telling you right now - He did not send His Son to us so He could change His mind later. That's not how this works. Even if God could change His mind, that's not the kind of thing one changes their mind about. 

So stop trying to control God and instead, just live in His love. He loves you. He really does. 

If you need more evidence of that, just look at your life and see Him poured out in it already. 

Black cats, mirrors, cracks in the sidewalk...and broken rings...aside.  

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