Monday, December 16, 2019

Heaven and Earth

It's one of the questions we all ask from time to time, but it's difficult to find a satisfying answer: is there some connection between heaven and earth?

Are the two so separate that nothing can cross between them (no pun intended)? Or is there some sort of bridge where what is heavenly comes to earth from time to time? How exactly is the creation of the universe set up so that God lives in one realm and we humans in another, and what is the distance between here and there?

The question has all kinds of implications, of course - for this life and the next one. If God is in the heavens and we are on the earth, then can He even come to us? How did He walk with Adam and Eve in the Garden? If there is a connection for God to transcend the space, is the connection the same for humans? For our loved ones who have passed on? 

We have the example of "Jacob's ladder," which is a little help but not really much at all. There is some sort of transportation for spirits between the realms, but it's unclear still what this really means and what it means, particularly, for us. 

But maybe...maybe demons have something to teach us on this.

Now, I know. It's an odd perspective to take. But I was reading not long ago in the Gospel of Luke, and Luke says that evil spirits look for rest in water-less places. He's not talking about dry and barren deserts, at least not that we can tell. But what it brings to mind for me, and maybe I'm way off here, is Genesis 1.

In the beginning, everything was formless and void. Then God separates the waters, and it's in this in-between space - if we believe Luke- that the evil spirits go to find rest. Now, Earth (despite being named earth) is actually a water planet; the majority of our world consists of water. Which means that there's no reason that the evil spirits would naturally rest here. 

Thus, they live somewhere else. 

Yet, we see evil spirits inhabiting human beings all the time, especially in the New Testament. Jesus spent a great deal of His ministry casting evil spirits out of individuals. 

And that means that there's a way for the evil spirits to get from a water-less place where they rest to this watered place, where they look for that same sort of formless and void to settle in. If the evil spirits move freely between these places, then it's only logical to assume that the good spirits do, too. Perhaps all spirits. Perhaps human spirits. 

It's interesting to think about as we approach Christmas and start to think about the Incarnation, about Jesus Christ coming as a human baby. What did it take for Him to get here? 

Maybe I'm just rambling. Maybe I'm not. God only knows. For us, it's just something to think about. 

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