Tuesday, January 10, 2023

God and Pain

While we're talking about a God who works with our human condition, as evidenced by the fact that He put Adam to sleep before taking his rib, let's talk about a God who cares about our pain from the same story. 

As you might imagine, losing a rib is very painful. Not that I have personally experienced it, but one can assume. Any even minor surgery requires some form of anesthetic to protect us from feeling the pain. Even when we have our teeth drilled down, a substance in our body which contains no actual nerves of its own, we have the dentist give us a shot of novacaine just in case we get a little too close to something that does have a nerve. 

The fact that God put Adam to sleep shows that He is a God who cares about pain. He didn't want Adam to hurt while He was growing him. He didn't want Adam to feel the sharp sting of having a piece of himself pulled out, even when that pain was the start of something amazing for the man. Something incredible. 

Sometimes, we get in the mindset that God doesn't mind us hurting for a little while if that pain is meant to grow us, but this story from Genesis 2 reminds us that God always cares about our pain. God never wants us to hurt. That's not part of the plan. 

No matter what's coming out of it. 

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