Monday, January 23, 2023

God's Vision

Times were tough in the land, and Isaac wasn't sure how his young life was going to survive. He wanted to make sure he had enough, that he could provide for all that God was giving him, and so he made a plan: he looked all around him at the desolation and what seemed to be a dying landscape, all but certain to ensure his death, too, and he decided that perhaps Egypt was the place to be. 

There weren't any news channels around back then to show Isaac that Egypt was better. There were no photographs, no video coverage advertising lush land and fertile crops in a land far away. He was really just looking around at what he could see and saw that he couldn't see anything that would give him the kind of life he was looking for. 

So...Egypt it was. 

But then, God stepped in and stopped him. God came to Isaac as he was packing his bags and planning his route and said, no. No, Isaac. Don't go to Egypt. Don't leave this place. There's nothing for you there, but I will make everything for you here. What you don't think you see right now, I already have a vision for - and I will not only show you, but I will make it your reality. 

God knew more than Isaac did. God saw more in that place than Isaac did. And at just the moment when Isaac was sure that all he could see around him was death, God stepped in to show him the promise He was already making true - the promise of abundant life in that place. Right there. Exactly where Isaac wasn't sure it was possible. 

If you're looking around at your life and thinking you don't see anything that's what you're really looking for, ask God to show you His vision for where you're at. If you're thinking Egypt looks pretty good right now, even though you've never even seen it, ask God what He sees where you already are. 

God's got His sights on something for you, whether you can see it yet or not. But the good news is that He is willing to share His vision with you if you're willing to look one more time.  

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