Thursday, January 12, 2023

God's Not Done With You

It doesn't seem like it takes very long for God to look at His "very good" creation and think perhaps it's not as good as it once looked. By the very early chapters of Genesis, we're hearing Him talk about how much He regrets the world as it is, and He starts making a plan to destroy everything. 

This is not-good news for sinners like us. In fact, it's stories like these that make us think we've messed up so badly that even God can't forgive us...or that He won't. 

But the flood is a really interesting study in redemption if you pay attention to what is happening.

We often focus on Noah, and we are told that his righteousness is what caused God to save him. But Noah wasn't the only one saved from that flood. Not by a long shot. God sent pairs of every living creature to the ark that Noah built to save all of creation from absolute destruction. 

He didn't have to. The God who already spoke the world into existence could very easily have spoken it into existence again. The God who already created the platypus knew how He did it; He could have simply created a new platypus after the world dried out. The God who knit together every creature in the beginning could have just picked back up His knitting needles and started the whole thing over. 

But He didn't. 

Because the truth about our God is that He would rather redeem what is than try to start over with what was. He would rather take a broken world and turn it back toward His glory than break the world to pieces and have to put it all back together.

And that is very good news for sinners like us.  

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