Tuesday, January 24, 2023

God Remembers

The story of Jacob's two wives is a poignant reminder of God's love for us. 

At the beginning of the story, Jacob sets his eyes on Rachel, the younger daughter of his relative, Laban. He works for seven years to marry her, and he loves her so much that the Bible tells us that those seven years went by quickly. They were like a day to him. But Laban pulls a bait-and-switch and marries off Leah, the older sister, to Jacob first. In exchange for another seven years of labor, Jacob gets Rachel, too. The man and the two sisters become one household. 

Jacob, of course, still loves Rachel. She's the one who has always had his eye. Leah knows this; she will always know this. But though Jacob loves her second-most, God loves her very much, and He has not forgotten her. God makes Leah fruitful and gives her many children so that she will feel a stronger bond between herself and her husband. 

Of course, when the less-loved wife starts having babies left and right and you're left barren, it can be easy to think that perhaps God has forgotten you. Perhaps God doesn't love you as much as Jacob does. Perhaps there's something wrong with you. So at a time when Rachel is starting to feel really low about herself because Jacob has all of these children, but none of them are hers, God remembers her and opens her womb and gives her a son, Joseph. 

Two women, both feeling unloved, both living what looks like a backseat life in their own home, both wondering about their place in their marriage, both with a deep ache in their heart...and God remembers them both in their own time...in the same story. God grants both children. God shows His love to both. 

God hasn't forgotten you, no matter how unloved you're feeling right now. When you feel like you're in the backseat, remember who is in the Driver's seat. Because He's constantly turning His head to look at you, to see you. He remembers you're there. 

God hasn't forgotten you. 

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